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  • Bob WalkerOn : 04-06-2018

    I am writing this to confirm your fanatical tech support. I had a few issues with my lights. I made one simple phone call, no begging, no pleading, no groveling. You guys literally jumped into action and fixed me up as fast as humanly possible. I have been around a long time and dealt with 100s of companies. Your tech support is second to none. Congrats.

  • CarlosOn : 04-04-2018

    I have 4 of your SK450 LED lights and I really like them. I was wondering if you were planning on up sizing your lights / make bigger ones in the future?? If so I will definitely want to buy a few as I am planning to enlarge my grow room in 2015.

  • Ken, WA.On : 03-25-2018

    Great success on my growing. Better than I expected. Next week will begin another flowering period. The Lights are awesome and doing the job. Glad I stuck with my purchase of them. I did lots of research before I committed to buying my grow lights.

  • T. Chou, WorldwideOn : 03-20-2018

    First harvest from my 6 SK450's, used to be 9 weeks under 250W HPS, now only 7.5 weeks + plus more solid/dense flowers!!!

    Electric bill cut in half of what I paid last season!!!

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Robert, So Cal.On : 02-17-2018

    These are the BEST LED's out there. I have others and your LED's produce far greater vegetation. The leaves of plants are a nice shiny dark green. The plants have grown better than outside. I want to buy another even though I don't need one right now.

  • M.D., Phoenix, AZOn : 01-18-2018

    "I have never seen faster, greener, or more lush growth using an LED grow light."

  • E.G., Hilo, HIOn : 01-06-2018

    "They are a superior product, one of the best I have ever seen. It has been a pleasure doing business with you."

  • Will P., IndianaOn : 12-20-2017

    Fantastic!! Thank you so much! I just got my light and I am already extremely happy with my purchase! Great shipping, great packaging, great LIGHT!!!!!!

  • WC, OzOn : 11-11-2017


    Just before we start .. I am interested in the Science behind my enquiry, not the hype .. and I'm sick of the stuff that I'm reading in (obviously biased) reviews.

    I am a retired Electronics Research and Design Engineer (who also was a qualified Technician). I also have a Science Degree!


    I've actually noticed a change in the nutrient uptake rate since the LED's were installed .. increased by 1 litre per day compared to an identical setup (no LED's) in another tent.

    Also .. since the LED's were installed, I've noted that the tops towards the edges of the tent have grown at an accelerated rate compared to those directly under the HPS and the top size is now quite even over the whole area .. which is what I was looking for.

    The previous issue I have had is that those tops not directly under the light were much smaller -- this was the case also with this tent before I installed the LED's

    I took one of the LED's in for Mick (my local Hydroshop) to play with (and power-up) and he was quite impressed. I also gave him a copy of the instructions.

    He indicated that he will most probably be in contact with you regarding stocking them ..

  • Jason, AZOn : 10-21-2017

    Thank you and your team for your excellent customer service and my next purchase will definitely be with you.

  • Torrence in RioOn : 10-20-2017

    I got two LED fixtures from you and am in the middle of my second grow and am liking the results so far. They are getting at least 1gm/W of dried product. Using techniques like SCROG can increase that to 1.5gm/W.

  • GregOn : 10-13-2017

    Wow, thanks so much! This is some fantastic customer service and much appreciated. Take care!

  • JeremyOn : 09-20-2017

    Multiple online reviews kept pointing me to super led. My setup was probably going to be a hydroponic SOG with about 5 plants per sq ft, with clones taken from a central mother plant kept at vegetative state. It is good to hear about the auto timing on the SK450's. I believe the max amperage I have is 200 amps.

    So how many SK450's for 12k?

  • JimOn : 09-15-2017

    Rob, Promptly received SK450. Looks well made. Just wanted to say thank you for it, sending info, & helping me on phone. Good luck to you & Super Grow. :)

  • Steve T.On : 08-19-2017

    The plants seem to be loving the lights. Just super green and healthy and growing really quick.

  • TerriOn : 08-08-2017

    I have been growing indoors for nearly a decade. I have completed my first harvest with your lights and am very happy to say that your 1-gram-per-watt statement is accurate! I have never been able to get over ½gram-per-watt with my HPS lights, no matter how hard I tried! Thanks again guys, I´ll be placing another order shortly.

  • MartinOn : 08-06-2017

    Received my light last week and has really made a Difference in a couple of kids.... i have a 24" by 40" grow and what to use 4 SK450 lights in this area.... what will my light output be and should every other light be turned 90 deg. By the why....There can't be any Brighter Light with as little heat out put as Yours! Thanks for what i feel is a good product and i appreciate your support... Have a Safe Day!

  • MarkoOn : 08-02-2017

    I am an existing customer. I have 8 units. I would be grateful for your best price on an additional 16 units delivered to Australia and also for 32 units delivered to Australia.

    Thanks, Marko

  • ReuelOn : 08-02-2017

    Whoa thats a serious ass kicking of the competitors lights, congrats. I have never used any other lights but yours. I did my initial homework, decided you guys were the best and I still believe that beyond all doubt. And yes, I would hate to see a fan in the unit, a sure failure point.

    I know its a little early to be asking this but is there going to be a discount schedule for multiple units?

    PS: the flowers directly under the LED's are averaging a greater growth rate and more resin than those in the center of the tent directly under the HPS. SuperGrowLED - This client used our lights in conjunction with a central HPS unit.

  • Shannon T., WAOn : 07-29-2017

    I just finished my first hydroponic grow and the LED lights are efficient and produce the estimated 1g per watt. My entire household electricity was $60 last month and I'm running a hot water spa. It's great not to have to switch the lights out between cycles. My home was built in 1953 so traditional lighting systems weren't an option for me unless I spent a lot of money on upgrades etc.. The temperature in my grow room rarely gets above 85 degrees and usually runs about 78 degrees - no air cooling - just an efficient fan. I feel better about running this system when I'm gone as I believe there is no fire danger. Lastly, you're not on your own once you purchase this product - no really - the response to my questions and concerns have been extremely prompt.

    It's great when a product does what it claims to do so you can plan ahead and count on it.

    Thank You,

  • Mat (Australia)On : 07-20-2017

    Hi Guys

    I would like to buy more lights can you please give me the quaintity i would get, i would like to keep the order under $1000 + postage because of customs duty that i have to pay at this end plus it took 4 weeks to get through customs. i will be doing at least 2 more orders of $1000 after this as well.


  • RockyOn : 07-20-2017

    Hi Guys, Rocky here from Western Australia, you sent me a LED grow light last month and it's working out great so now I want another one. Can we arrange same as before, payment via PayPal.

    Talk to you soon



  • Chris. W.On : 07-17-2017

    Another favorable advantage was your light spectrum .. that I can start out just with LED's in the 3 or 4 weeks of the grow cycle and put them close to the plants, raising them as the plant spreads and grows in height. No changing LEDS throughout the whole cycle.

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