• SK450

    250 True Watts = 500W HID

    100% TRUE Full Spectrum 380nm to 750nm

    Boosted IR and UV


    25% bigger yields than HID

    50% electricity saving over HID

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250 Watts Full Spectrum
5 Year Warranty
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Super Grow LED facts
  • Full Spectrum LED grow lights, from UV blue 380nm right through to 750nm far red.

  • Our tests show 2 x SK450 grow lights will deliver up to 25% more yield than a 1000W HPS and uses half the electricity.

  • 6th generation custom-made LEDs in our proprietary frequency blend 380 to 750nm, Spectrum II (tm)

  • We use primaril, Lumileds, Philips and Bridgelux LED SMD chips on our own custom dies

  • The phosphor coat used on the very high power 420nm blue base LED is our own proprietary formula, used to give us the strong full spectrum coverage we employ in our luminaires

  • Seed to flowering with the same light - Super Grow LED grow lights are photosynthetically complete and deliver brilliant flowering

  • Big yields of 1.0 gram per Watt from beginners ad far more from professional growers.

  • Commercial-grade, fan-less, aluminum and non-conductive hard-coat black anodized chassis construction

  • No wasted light - optical-grade, UV-stabilized lenses completely collect and focus light on your plants

  • 90° and 120° beam angle PMMS lenses for greater photon delivery

  • SMD 3535 solid state LEDs. Not old 45mil or cheap 39mil chip and die sets for all LEDs

  • Professional thermal engineering to extend LED and power supply life

  • Yo-Yo hangers included with every order

  • Meanwell drivers self-protecting constant current power supply

  • Plug and play with no power inverter required. $3 plug shape changer only. Use anywhere in the world. We sell to Australia, EU and UK

  • Power consumption: 250W / 120VAC@2.1A - SK450

  • No excess heat issues

  • Save over 50% on electricity vs. comparable HPS lighting

  • Save additional $$$ - no replacing ballasts, bulbs or installing expensive exhaust systems

  • Save space with low profile professional chassis - LEDs sit right over your plants

  • Long life - 12+ years, given usage of 14 hours per day, 365 days per year

  • High percentage of repeat buyers

  • Lighting solutions for any size grow area


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Full spectrum Super Grow LED = Seed to BIG harvest

With over a decade of LED grow light research and testing we know that to produce healthy plants with big yields, fast, you need to give the plant more than the customary red and blue LEDs our competitors provide.

Super Grow LED grow lights supply high intensity full spectrum lighting, completely covering far more than PAR for super growing and dense flowering.

Our proprietary spectrum formula and custom full spectrum LEDs insure coverage from seed to harvest for plants of all species and strains.

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Grams per Watt yield

HPS lights generally achieve 0.6 to 0.8 grams per Watt (dried) at harvest time, some HID growers claim 1.0 grams but they are a rare breed.

Super Grow LEDs, with their intense full spectrum output routinely yield 1.0 grams per Watt. Some of our more experienced customers are achieving far more than that.

Novices and first time LED users should count on 1.0 gram per Watt and with practice, should strive to increase their yield considerably on a per Watt basis, given optimum growing environments.

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Save $1,000's on operational costs

Save energy using Super Grow LEDs - the SK450 consume half the electricity when compared to an HPS, saving 50% on electricity bills. For example: Our SK450 has 150 x 3 Watt LEDs for a total potential output of 450 Watts however we drive the light at 55.5% which delivers 250 Watts of true power.

This 250W delivers the same growing power as a 500 Watt HPS, which uses 575 Watts of power, including the ballast - saving over 56% on electricity.

Two of our SK450 lights with a total draw of 500W will out perform a 1000W HID system hands down - saving you a ton of electricity in the process.

Using Super Grow LEDs means an end to buying expensive replacement lamps, ballasts and dealing with complicated exhausts and air conditioning systems.

All Super Grow LED products are commercial pieces of hardware, designed by boffins in the UK and in the USA, built to last over 12 years and come with a 5 year warranty.

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No Heat Problems

Super Grow LEDs run cool to the touch and near zero excess heat production means you can eliminate complicated tubing and expensive exhausts, while reducing room cooling requirements.

Thermal testing in a 2'x3' fully enclosed, reflective tent showed only a 4 °F (2.2 °C) rise in temperature at the plant canopies and a 10 °F (6.5 °C) rise in the upper spaces. No fans were used in this testing. Only 4" vent holes situated at the bottom and top of the tent provided air circulation.

We use the highest quality metal clad printed circuit boards, top-shelf thermal adhesives and special, thermally coated heat sinks that wick heat away from our LEDs. This industrial-strength thermal over-engineering insures long life and allows us to confidently offer a 5 year warranty.

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Rock solid – Industrial-strength commercial equipment

The Super Grow LED grow light is a professionally built piece of equipment created in our USA based lab. Our product is driven by real customer requirements and is built with an emphasis on performance, durability and longevity.

The chassis is aluminium and non-conductive hard-coat black anodized. The LEDs and lenses are the finest in the industry and we use no fans in our construction.

Our TIR (Total Internal Reflective) lens design captures all the light and directs it exactly where it is needed. TIR lenses provide precision output for planning exact placement of our grow lights, to correctly service any size or shape grow area.

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6th Generation LEDs

We use LED chip sets manufactured by industry leaders, such as Bridgelux and Epistar. Our full spectrum white LED are custom configured on our own unique dies, with our proprietary color-correct phosphor coatings, to provide a photosynthetically complete output.

Our custom LEDs and Constant Current power supply insures that all of your LEDs will be the same, correct color and that your grow light will not color shift over time.

For information about the expensive ‘on frequency’ LEDs we use and more techie stuff like Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR), Chlorophyll absorption, plus answers to numerous LED myths and facts.

Click here for our F.A.Q.
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Plug and Play - Works worldwide

The Super Grow LEDs’ power supplies are the best in the industry, operating anywhere in the world. We sell to Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands and all through Europe these lights are 'plug and play'.

For UK just buy a £1.70 adapter like this here.

For Europe just buy a £4.00 adapter like this here.

For Australia just buy a $1.00 adapter like this here.

Safe, grounded power consumption of 250W (SK450) with auto-adjusting voltage and frequency allows for operation from 85-265VAC, 50/60Hz. We also sell 12VDC and 24VDC power supplies for solar applications (quote upon request).

Yo-Yo hangers included with all orders

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Experienced manufacturer

We are not a reseller of someone else’s work. The SK450 model is ours and we are very proud of it. Our USA based team has decades of LED experience, designing and manufacturing frequency-specific lighting using Light Emitting Diodes (LED). Applications include wildlife conservation, light pollution mitigation for large observatories, botanicals, and other biologics (such as algae).

We have designed lighting for hotels, hospitals, street, area and security lights, providing better visibility with less power. We have designed and implemented very high CRI (Color Rendition Index) lighting to improve the appearance of art, advertising and food.

The team here at Super Grow LED are highly experienced and have designed this particular light using high quality parts to delivery exactly what your plants need, full spectrum – just like sunlight.

Members of the illuminating Engineering Society   

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Did you know?
  • Over 25% of our customers are repeat buyers who expand their grows;

  • Fantastic quality parts offer an industry leading fail rate. Less than 3 in 1000 of our lights fail, which is far ahead of the industry average of 35 per 1000;

  • Units consistently provide over 1 gram per Watt of harvested product with some growers achieving almost twice that.

  • LEDs are in our blood, all we do is spend time making the Super Grow LED lights the best on the market.

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